Not in the Game – Bargans Albarino ’06 From Spain

A few nights ago KD and I decided to BBQ some chicken quarters. It is probably our favorite part of the chicken to BBQ. Especially the way we do it. So here’s is the secret…put your BBQ on the lowest possible setting, place the chicken on the top rack, turn every ten minutes.

You will think store bought rotisserie ain’t got jack on me baby! The chicken just turns out amazing….season how you like it, all is good! We paired this with our wine of the night…I guess I would go more into the wine if it was just a little more kicking. But, I felt like I was at the Kentucky derby or some pro fight or foot ball game, just a little more, you can do it!

I really had high hopes for this wine coming from Spain and being a white mystical grape, mystical is the key word here…. Looking up a little history on this grape I found it was probably brought to Spain from Germany by monks in the twelfth century. The grapes were planted on the hill sides of Spain’s rocky northwest coast….La, La, La, La…La.

It really was a nice story but the grapes in this bottle, can we say were just off. First the color, actually really very nice to view as the sun went down. a very light straw color. I can honestly say I have never seen a wine sheet down the side of the glass like this did. It said 12.5 % alcohol but the legs look very, very thin and almost sheeted down the side of the glass like water. In fact KD didn’t like what looked like water droplets on the inside of the glass. I kept thinking O.K the aroma is going to be good….come on you can do it. No the nose was just barely noticeable, we swirled again, not really a change. O.K the taste is going to be the kicker…here goes…and… No that was weird also.

It was as if the wine started out OK but then had water added to it or something. There were very minuscule hints of pear, peach, off tasting honey and had extremely light acidity on the palate with very little hints of minerality. It was funny because I kept thinking maybe when it warms a bit it will get better. KD said it reminded her of when we were in Germany and you’d go to a fest anticipating that cold delicious German beer in a frosted mug and instead you’d get a watered down version of warm beer, or that old commercial “where’s the beef”….LOL.

Probably the best thing about this wine was the finish… a medium nice light burn. It reminded me of cheap ass boxed wine I used to buy years ago with no balance, or complexity, I am sorry did I say that!!!! OK enough is enough.

I know who this wine is perfect for… A brand new wine drinker just getting started. There I said something positive about this wine. It was not the worst we have had but it was barley fair, and our chicken over powered it…at least it was cold.

If I was lost walking in the desert and came upon a sign that said 1/2 mile to some cold … Bargans Albarino ’06 from Spain or 10 miles to a cold bud! I would have to really, really have to think for a second….’06 Albarino from Spain wins out! Hey I am crazy, not stupid!

KD said, “I can barely smell anything, taste anything and I have what looks like water droplets on the inside of my glass”! Very disappointed…..

You can find this wine for about $13 dollars.

We rate this wine “barely” (Fair)

Here are our Ratings: / Pass / Fair / OK / Good / Great / Fantastic

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